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Howdy! My gamertag is Cloud. I am interested in starting a semi structured (scheduled playtime 2-3 days a week, loosely assigned roles, not looking to "go pro") team. I am marking this as 18+, but my main requirement is calm energy and team synergy. This being said, I am 29 years old and will give preference to mature, calm, team oriented players regardless of age. I have managed two teams, played on three more, at varying levels over the last 10 years. I have 7k logged hours in CSGO, 4k in source. IM league capped in ESEA, when I was more serious about gaming, and played open league a few times. I IGL'ed in each of these for some parts of the season, but had the most success IGL'ing a more casual team environment that was more open to macro influenced play. I am looking for players open to a macro IGL. This means I will give pacing and location calls like "I want somebody playing a slow bathroom and two pushing short". I don't like micro managing specific angles, utility usage (with the exception of timing for flashes, and critical smokes), or playstyle. I believe giving a outline provides structure to the play while also allowing the freedom of individual play styles. I utilize, sometimes strange, team building exercises in the early construction of team synergy and fully encourage playstyle partners (people who can make plays together consistently). Ideal candidates will understand: 1.Competitive mentality that is aware this is a game. 2.People come first, winning second. 3.If this isn't fun we are all wasting our time. 4.Humility is a requirement. Candidates that will be passed on: 1.Diva mentality. 2.Incapability of claiming personal responsibility. 3.More concerned with performance than team synergy. 4.Easily tilted beyond recovery. My intended play times are 10am-1pm 2-3 times a week (PST). Rank requirement: Gold 1+. I don't really care how good you are, if you can learn to play for the team you will get better rapidly. I will prefer people with other FPS experience, but will not require it. If this aligns with your personal goals/lifestyle feel free to join the discord I have setup for this team. Drop a message in the introduction channel and recruiting channel. I hope to have a main roster and secondary roster set in two weeks and plan to have the two rosters play custom games together occasionally. Each roster will have an IGL. Discord:



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Gold 3

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Early morning, calm, mature, team play focused.

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NA Gold 3


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